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Welcome to the Rainy Season in Japan Japan's rainy season is a time of year when the rain pours down in buckets and the sky is perpetually overcast. This season lasts from June to July, and it's not just an inconvenience for travelers; it can be life-threatening. Japan’s rainy season can have some pros, but we would be lying if we didn’t think it was mostly cons. It can be a great time to see some sights in a different light with less people around. Having been caught in a rainstorm while visiting traditional gardens and old castles, it is...

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You've been planning your trip to Japan for months, and maybe you've been thinking about it for years. Everything is booked, you have your flight, your accommodations, your itinerary... everything is ready to go! But wait, you need some Japanese yen to buy your delicious food, train tickets, and all those amazing souvenirs to bring back home. Any idea the best way to actually get and use your money here in Japan without losing out with terrible exchange rates and high fees. We've got you covered with a few tips and our best recommendation on how to use your money...

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Children’s day, Kodomo no hi, こどもの日, a day where the skies are filled with flags shaped like koi fish all across the country. It may not be one of Japan’s most publicized holidays, and even living in Japan it is not given as much attention as many other holidays, but it certainly brings a certain joy to your day when you see 100’s of these koi flags swimming in the wind across the country. If you aren’t familiar with Children’s day in Japan and how it is celebrated, this article is definitely worth a read. We’ll even share some of...

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There is more than one kind of Sakura- they aren't all the same. A number of people outside of Japan may have one specific image of the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, but the trees and flowers come in all different shapes, sizes and even colors. While all the cherry trees do have some similarity, it's more obvious when you are in Japan that cherry blossoms can vary quite a bit. The scientific species for sakura is prunus. This is the same tree family that includes (among many others) the fruits plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, and almonds. It’s hard...

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Cherry blossoms are the go-to symbol for Japan. They create a beautiful display of petals that come in white and pink. Locals and visitors alike love to watch them changing the landscape from barren trees in the winter to luscious clouds of flowers adding color to the landscape, which is why they’ve inspired so much throughout Japan's history. A time where people can look forward to the departure of snow and the cold with cherry blossoms in bloom, there are a lot of great things happening. There are lots of beautiful hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties) taking place across the...

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