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So you're thinking about visiting Japan, and you want to meet some local people and have some great conversations. That's great! Japanese people may seem shy sometimes, but once you get past that, they are some of the most friendly people you will meet!!  When meeting new people from a new culture they may be some things you aren't sure about. "Is it rude if I do this? Is hugging ok? Will I look silly if I pronounce this word wrong?" So many questions!! Well, I won't lie, there are hundreds of articles or videos about some of the most...

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Seeds Germination A prior treatment with Stratification (mimicking winter to encourage germination for certain types of seeds)  is recommended for most Sakura (Cherry Blossom) seeds to achieve high germination rate. Here are the steps for stratification:   Preparation for Stratification: Zip loc bag Some moist kitchen paper Plant labels 10% Hydrogen peroxide solution(common bleach) *optional but recommended Sieve A pair of gardening gloves  A pair of Tweezers  Most importantly, Sakura Seeds (you can get yours in our garden section)   Steps for Stratification: Rinse the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) seeds gently in a sieve. Use a gardening gloves and soak the Sakura (Cherry Blossom)...

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1. What Maneki Neko Means Say "Hello" to Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat or Fortune Cat. This little kitty goes by many names.  Fortune Cat is known as Maneki Neko in Japanese, which means “beckoning cat.” The cat has its paw raised as if it’s waving in good fortune for its owners. In Japan the beckoning motion is different than most Western countries, almost the opposite. Other common monikers include Lucky Cat, Money Cat, Waving Cat and Welcoming Cat. 2. The Legends Behind the Maneki Neko There hasn't been much agreement on exactly how Maneki Neko came into existence. However, most will agree that Lucky Cats first...

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