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Kawaii Sakura Tokyo LED Neon Sign

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Have you ever wanted to explore the Neon lights that define Tokyo nightlife? Well our Kawaii Sakura Neon LED sign brings the heart of Tokyo into your room. The vibrant pink sakura and " かわいい" (cute) hiragana will give your space that classic Tokyo feel.



1. Acrylic: has good toughness, light weight, durability, not easy to damage, transparent materials make neon lights more beautiful

2. LED: We have our own partner factory with complete production and quality inspection

Service life: 100,000-120,000 hours

Voltage: 220V

Light source: LED

Unique Design: For hanging on the wall of a game room, bar, store, cafe, home, indoor or outdoor anywhere.

What will you receive?

1 X satisfied custom neon lights

1 X The voltage adapter that matches your country

1 X Neon light accessories (easy to install)

1 X Greeting cards carefully prepared by the seller (showing our respect for buyers)

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