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Kawaii Raining Hanging Garden Pot

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We LOVE these Kawaii Raining Cloud Planters!!! What a fun and creative way to show off and water your plants!! Build your garden anywhere just by hanging you plants on the wall with these adorable planters.

Our favorite part of these has to be watering them!! No need to worry about pouring too much water, the cloud takes care of it for you. Give your plants a nice fresh drink of water directly from the cloud above!!

Bringing Japan to you... from our home to yours.

Customer Reviews

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Leland Corwin

Very nice, just like the pictures. Good quality plastic and with the back slot to hang on the wall. Well packaged and protected wine. No holes in the red pot to drain the water. The instructions indicate that 80 ml water should be put in. The earth is sandy with golden pieces (i suppose it's manure). I haven't used all the seeds waiting to see what grows. When i grow up, i'll put in more comments. Thank you.

Hugh Harber

Very nice pot. Planted the seeds and for 5 days they have already risen. Cool!

Audra Steuber

Fast delivery very satisfied



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