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Folding Traditional Tatami Mat

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Always wanted your own tatami mats, but don't live in Japan? Finally you can have your own authentic tatami mats delivered to you! Tatami has a long standing history here in Japan and while tatami were originally a luxury item for the nobility, it has become a common staple of Japanese homes. Although many modern homes are using other flooring materials, tatami is still a common and treasured part of Japanese tradition.
Tatami mats certainly look great, but they haven't been used for centuries just for their looks. The are much more comfortable than other forms of flooring, that slight cushion and give is great for sleeping, resting, yoga, you name it. The unique design of tatami also do a great job of insulating for both temperature and sound! Tatami is really one of a kind and you can finally bring that tradition from Japan to your home today.
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Bringing Japan to you... from our home to yours.

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Anastacio Dibbert

Very happy with the mat. A slight grass smell in the beginning, but this has gone down.

Velma Konopelski

Great product. Fast shipment. Great seller

Corine Rath

after 10 days.



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