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Japanese Maple (Momiji) Bonsai

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Japanese Maple bonsai (momiji) are especially popular for their soft lush leaves and the seasonal changes they give. Although they are not as iconic internationally as some other Japanese trees such as the Sakura, the Japanese Maple tree holds a very special place in the hearts of people here in Japan. The changing colours of the autumn leaves (known as koyo) is a treasured time of year to appreciate the every changing life cycle of nature. 

Japanese Maple are the Yin to the Sakura's Yan. While the Cherry Blossoms bloom and share their beauty in the spring, the Momiji change to beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow in autumn.

You can grow your very own bonsai tree from the ground up. Watch as the tree grows more and more beautiful as you grow along with it. This seed pack is great for getting started!!

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Customer Reviews

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Sameera Plant

The momiji tree seeds grow into strong, healthy trees that are beautiful to look at and smell amazing during the spring.

Keeley Mack

We purchased this pack of Japanese maple seeds for our school's garden. The seeds arrived quickly and we are all excited about planting them tomorrow.

Cyrus Firth

I'm notoriously bad with plants so I was afraid that Japanese maple trees would be too difficult for me to plant- turns out it wasn't very hard at all.

Omer Grey

When I bought these Japanese Japanese maple seeds, I wasn't sure how to plant them correctly. However, the company sent me a guide which was very helpful and actually made it seem easy! If you're interested in getting some too, please let me know and I'll send you the link.

Tyrese Foreman

They grew, and I was able to enjoy their beauty.



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