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Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife

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Japan is famous for both its knives and its sushi. It is safe to say their sushi knives must be something special. You can now have your own Japanese sushi knife to prepare your own sushi and sashimi at home. Or cut some vegetables, we don't judge.


1. Japanes style yanagiba knife, used for slicing ultra-thin slices for dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

2. Made with high-carbon, stainless steel for superior edge retention.

3. Unique, single-sided blade design.

4. Blades are bead-blasted to an attractive finish,

5. Handle is sturdy, High quality Maple Wood handle.

Blade Material: Stainless steel

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Length: 18cm

Blade Angle: >60°

After use: Rinse with clean water and dry

Get the same authentic sushi knife that the masters in Japan use with our set. It's sharp, it's beautiful, and it'll make you want to cook up some delicious sushi as soon as you get it home!

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