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Shigaraki Ware Tanuki Daruma

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Wisdom of Ages: The Shigaraki Ware Tanuki Daruma

Embrace the enigmatic charm of Japanese folklore with this unique Shigaraki Ware Tanuki Daruma. A delightful blend of the auspicious Tanuki and the steadfast Daruma, this piece embodies a blend of prosperity and perseverance.

Captivating Legacy: Each detail on this Tanuki Daruma is steeped in cultural narrative, from its wise gaze wrapped in a monk's cloth to the staff that whispers tales of wanderings in pursuit of enlightenment. Traditionally seen as protectors of prosperity, Tanuki are revered for their playful spirits, while the Daruma represents resilience and tenacity. This statue, with its rustic earth tones and soulful expression, captures the heart of these tales.

tanuki Daruma statue on desk

Why it Speaks to the Soul:

  • Symbol of Harmony: A reminder of balance, this Tanuki Daruma statue merges the joy of wealth with the nobility of spiritual quests.
  • Craftsmanship Richness: From Shigaraki, one of Japan's most celebrated pottery regions, speaks to a heritage of exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Mystic Presence: This statue is a perfect touch for a home or office space, inviting a mystique that sparks curiosity and conversation.
  • Cherished Artwork: The perfect piece for collectors of Japanese antiques, or as a distinctive gift that transcends the ordinary.

Care Instructions: Handle this piece with the respect it deserves; clean with a gentle, dry cloth to preserve its ancient allure.

This Shigaraki Ware Tanuki Daruma is not merely a decorative piece. It is a companion for life's journey, a guide through its twists and turns, promising to bring a touch of Japanese mysticism into the everyday.



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