Who Is Spirit of Japan?

Who Is Spirit of Japan?


Sota Nakamura - Sales Manager

Sota is our Sales Manager at Spirit of Japan. With over 10 years of experience in sales and customer service, he has a passion for helping customers find the best solutions to meet their needs. Outside of work, Sota enjoys practicing martial arts and playing the traditional Japanese instrument, shamisen.





Sayaka Yamamoto - Customer Coordinator

Sayaka is our Customer Coordinator at Spirit of Japan. She is responsible for promoting our products and services to our customers through various channels. Sayaka has a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, and loves to share her passion through attending traditional festivals and learning about different regions of Japan.





Yuki Tanaka - Marketing Coordinator

Yuki is a Marketing Coordinator at Spirit of JApan, working alongside Sayaka. She is responsible for managing our social media accounts and creating content for our website. Outside of work, Yuki enjoys practicing calligraphy and exploring different parts of Tokyo on her bicycle. She is also an avid fan of Japanese fashion and music.






Takeshi and Akiko Nakamura - Founders

Takeshi and Akiko Nakamura are the founders of Spirit of Japan, a company that brings the spirit of Japan to customers around the world through their selection of Japan themed items. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they started the company with a vision to share the beauty of Japanese culture with others.

Although they are now semi-retired, Takeshi and Akiko still contribute to the company through their extensive knowledge and expertise. They carefully curate each item in their store, ensuring that every product represents the essence of Japan. From traditional Japanese crafts to modern design, they offer a wide variety of items that cater to customers' interests.

Outside of work, Takeshi and Akiko enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and exploring the traditional side of Japan. They often visit the countryside to see the changing seasons and experience local festivals. Takeshi also enjoys practicing ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), while Akiko is an expert in making traditional Japanese sweets. They both believe in the importance of preserving Japanese culture and traditions, and hope to share that with their customers through Spirit of Japan.



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