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Why Traditional Japanese Pajamas Are The Best

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Why Traditional Japanese Pajamas Are The Best

1. The History of Japanese Pajamas

The history of Japanese pajamas is a story that is as complex and nuanced as the culture that created it. The garment was originally worn by noblemen for their lounging and sleeping needs, but over the centuries, pajamas have evolved in design and purpose. Today, people wear them to sleep, lounge around, or attend to their children’s bedtime rituals.

In Japan, pajamas are called yukata or jinbei. Yukaya are always one-piece garments with wide sleeves and are traditionally made from cotton or silk fabrics in bright colors. Yukata are popular for both formal wear or daywear depending on the style chosen. They are typically fitting with a waistline at the natural waistline level, which is much lower than Western-style pants would be worn on someone. Jinbei are a two-piece outfit that is loose fitting to remain both comfortable and breathable.

2. What is a Short-Sleeved Kimono? What is a Long-Sleeved Kimono?

A short-sleeved kimono is a type of kimono that can be worn as an outer garment in the summer. It is often made from cotton or rayon.

The long-sleeved kimono is a type of traditional Japanese garment that extends to the ground and covers both the upper body and lower body. It may be worn with a variety of undergarments, such as a shirt-front ("haori") or "juban".


3. What are the Benefits of Wearing Japanese Style Pajamas?

There are many benefits to wearing Japanese pajamas, the most popular of which is convenience. Pajamas are a comfortable alternative to a complete change of clothes when lounging at home and but due to the unique and more stylish design of Japanese Pajamas, they allow you to be seen by others without looking like you just rolled out of bed should you need to take care of something quickly.

Japanese Pajamas are also similar to traditional Japanese tatami mats in that they can also provide warmth in the cooler months, while being able to remain cool in the warmer months due to their loose fitting style. While the material is completely different, the open loose style helps create a blanket of warm air from body heat, while in the warmer months, there is breathability. This is especially good in the humid and hot Japanese summers. They also provide some modesty when it comes to lounging around the house.


If you're not sold on the benefits of Japanese Style Pajamas by now, you can still enjoy the cool, fun styles. Incorporating traditional Japanese art styles into the clothing not only adds some style to the comfortable clothing, but helps preserve Japanese culture.

Japanese style pajamas come in many designs, colors, patterns and prints that help you feel like you are still well dressed even while lounging or sleeping. They give you an escape from reality while providing a sense of warmth and calmness.

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