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Japanese Ceramic Tile Kawara Art

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Authentic Japanese Kawara Art: "The Ebisu & Rabbit" and "The Galloping Steeds"

Description: Discover the legacy of Japan's architectural splendor with our Authentic Japanese Kawara Art series. This exclusive collection includes the "The Ebisu & Rabbit" and "The Galloping Steeds" kawara tiles, each a testament to the cultural and historical fabric of Japan. These tiles are not merely decorative; they are remnants of a bygone era, carrying with them stories from rooftops of ancient Japanese structures to your modern living space.

Historical Richness: Our kawara tiles hail from a time when craftsmanship was the soul of Japan's Edo period architecture. They were traditionally used as roof tiles on temples, tea houses, and noble homes, protecting and adorning structures with their durability and artistry.


  • Ebisu & Rabbit: SOLD

  • Serpentine Harbinger of Joy: A snake gracefully coils amidst the Kanji for "happiness," offering a protective charm that's been believed to bring good health and fortune. This tile is a symbol of rejuvenation and joy, perfect for creating a tranquil yet auspicious ambiance in your abode.

  • Ebisu’s Prosperity: The joyous deity Ebisu, celebrated for wealth and good fishing, is depicted with a loyal canine companion. Together, they represent a prosperous and abundant life, making this tile an ideal emblem for those seeking success and stability.

  • Daikoku’s Delight: Accompanied by boars, which symbolize wealth and prosperity, Daikoku stands as a beacon of abundance. With his legendary magic mallet, this tile is believed to 'strike' fortune for its owner.

  • Galloping Steeds: The spirited horses echo the importance of strength and vitality in Edo society, a nod to the samurai's valiant steeds, evoking the power and speed that were celebrated attributes in Japanese lore.

Authenticity Preserved: Each tile is an original piece, ensuring that the patina, marks, and texture tell the true tale of their origin and use.

    Condition: Authentic, Handcrafted, with the legacy of time

    Ideal For: History buffs, art collectors, and aficionados of Japanese culture. These kawara tiles offer you a piece of history, bringing the spirit of the Edo period into your home or office.

    Each kawara in this collection not only serves as a remarkable piece of decor but also embodies the cultural heritage and mythical storytelling of ancient Japan. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts alike, these tiles are a celebration of history and artistry combined.

    Embrace the charm of old-world Japan with these captivating kawara tiles, a new addition to our growing selection of antiques, and let their stories enrich the narrative of your home.

    - When purchased as a set, save 35% and keep the collection together.

    Embrace this rare opportunity to own a slice of history with these kawara tiles, each skillfully preserved to retain its historical value and artistic integrity.



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